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From April 8 to 14, 2019, the 32nd International Construction Machinery, construction vehicles, construction machinery, mining machinery, spare parts Expo [BAUMA], which has attracted the attention of the international construction machinery industry and is the largest event in the world's construction machinery industry, was held in Munich, Germany. The expo is the largest and the best one in the three exhibitions in the field of international construction machinery, and is known as the Olympics of the construction machinery industry. As a manufacturer of hydraulic power units in construction machinery and other fields, Helm Tower also had the honor to participate in the event.


Show scene grand

This exhibition Helm Tower mainly exhibited two series of products. Among them, A10V series hydraulic pump (accessories with plunger, valve plate, cylinder block, return plate, etc.) is a new development of the company. Mainly for construction machinery excavator, cement pump truck, as well as mining machinery rock drill, rotary drilling rig and other equipment hydraulic system to provide power units. Another main product of the company is low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor (accessories include rotor, plunger, stator, sealing package, etc.), which is widely used in the fields of construction machinery slip loader and roller. The full range of products can replace the same type of foreign motors.

In addition to some accessories on display, the booth was also carefully arranged with product posters, displaying products such as hydraulic motor, milling and digging machine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump accessories, reducer winch, hydraulic motor and milling and digging machine accessories. The exhibition lasted a total of seven days, and received more than 200 valid business cards through incomplete statistics, not including customers who did not leave business cards and some business cards ran out. More of the company's old customers for many years, especially rushed to the company's booth site, and our company to discuss follow-up cooperation matters, which of the friendship, let people very moved.


Old customers take a group photo at the company booth


Old customers in the company booth photo

        Although the booth is small, but can not resist the product shine; Although the time is short, the enthusiasm of customers for cooperation has prompted us to strive for higher quality and pursue.。

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